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I’m working at Luce & Co. We are a distributed company of digital media producers, coders and technologists that focuses on building applications and reshaping the future of the internet.

We also have a network of creative filmmakers, photographers, musicians and artists. Luce & Co. is available for commissioning worldwide.

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About Me
Technologies evolve really fast. I've been a curious programming learner since early 2000s. 
I spent the early 2 decades of my life being an indoor bookworm/geek and ended up with thick glasses but revenged back by venturing out and travelling through 35+ countries with 300+ logged scuba dives in the past 8 years.
Professionally, I have worked with multiple established companies & brands, among which many are luxury names, including Four Seasons, MontBlanc, Maurice Lacroix, to name a few. Throughout the years I founded Luce & Co. (former name PressPlanner) which became a prominent digital production hub, helping entrepreneurs and startups envision, design, optimize & maximize their business ideation and online presence.
Personally, as a passionate believer of the power of visual impact, I have earned some credits in this field. In 2011, I started CityBikr, a street photography blog focusing on urban cycling. My photography work can be seen in magazines, advertisements, and TV talk shows. With many friends in the “Mad Men” industry, I have also shamelessly left frequent cameos in various TV/video commercials. My wildlife footages (head to Motion page) has been used by Whitley Fund for Nature, narrated by my personal hero Sir David Attenborough.
I am currently based in Singapore, where I've developed a deep connection with nature, particularly the ocean. I endeavor to document underwater life and chip in whenever I can for ocean conservation.

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