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Wise Humans

So while I was researching diving places I found this photo of the world’s deepest blue hole in South China Sea, and I was shocked that they put a sign directly on the corals, just to claim ownership. (The sign reads: “Blue hole of SanSha city” I made a comment on Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter) saying “Only a ignorant foolish country would put ownership sign onto a beautiful natural wonder.” A few days later I found out that it got 15k views and I was viciously attacked by a group of nationalistic individuals.

This is the world we are living in. Whenever we voice something that has a slight hint of countries, borders, race, and sovereignties, it will be turned into a political statement. Like when I was talking about why Chinese people believe Tibet is an inseparable part of China, I was merely offering facts and another side of the story that you probably had no idea of. China might do a lot of things the wrong way, but it’s certainly not the mother of all evil. Personally I am in support of no political establishment and when I navigate around these topics I always try to see things from a perspective of nature, human, culture and history.

The earth viewed from above has no borders. We are all living on this planet earth and our fate are all intertwined and connected. We came a long way from tens of thousands of years ago populating one continent after another, killing off other species to become the only Homo sapiens in the entire human genus. Then we start to fight and kill ourselves just because we don’t agree in values, ideology and religion (and in the meantime continue killing off other species at an unprecedented rate). We call ourselves sapiens. Wise. Yet despite all the wisdom of great science inventions and beautiful art, our gruesome animalistic short sight always comes out and overshadows our achievements. It’s so hard to have an open mind about things we are so fixated on. We don’t want to know or try to know what we don’t believe in.

The world is a diverse place. It’s not black and white. There’s always two sides of a story, or many sides. Go out and see more, experience more, discover our differences, embrace our differences, and maybe in the process you find the conflict came from ignorance, a lack of communication. And then you will understand and respect our differences. Because those differences will be secretly incepted in the back of our mind and sometimes come back and become our greatest inspiration. Only then do we deserve the name “wise”.

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