Wonders of Raja Ampat

This is my first time using an underwater housing. My previously video of Rapa Ampat was purely GoPro…

Got some lovely drone footages over a cute island. Make sure to turn on the best resolution.

Sustainable seafood guide: http://wwf.panda.org/how_you_can_help/live_green/out_shopping/seafood_guides/

R.I.P. Bill

Salute to the master! #BillCunningham #thesartorialist

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One can say that Bill Cunningham is the forefather of “street” fashion and photography. This is the man who inspired me to become a street photographer, and a photographer in general, if there’s anything that’s serious I’ve done.

Bill Cunningham New York

I watched the documentary of him a few years ago and it left me in tears. He will always be an inspiration to the world for his work and selfless dedication.