in Two Cents, Well-being

Lessons from 2018

  • Eat well: a whole food, plant-based diet and avoid processed foods
  • Love: the healing process of communication, staying true and connected to all close relationships
  • Power of the Mind: unleash the spiritual potential
  • Move: exercising more

2018 had proven to be maybe the most important year of my life. In this year I: learned to freedive, discovered the power of mind, and started the discovery and journey inwards; went plant-based (aka dietary vegan), exercised more and became even more conscious and informed on well-being; had amazing explorations and expeditions, saw magnificent gentle giants and wonderful tiny critters of the ocean; stayed more in tune with nature, started a brand new cause; asked and reflected more of the ultimate questions: purpose of life and how to find fulfilment; spent more time loving and being loved; stayed true to myself instead of seeking external validations.

In 2019 I hope I continue to get inspired, challenged, and grow; stay nourished by nature and live more consciously, sustainably: uphold a high standard and do better work; find my drive, my purpose, my fulfillment.