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Rich Roll, 52-year-old ultra-endurance athlete, named by Men’s Health magazine to be among “25 Fittest Men in the World” and the “Fittest Vegan On Earth”, is now full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, public speaker and host of the popular Rich Roll Podcast. Formerly an overworked Hollywood lawyer (and alcoholic junk food addict), he is a very well-versed Podcast host who always knows the right questions to ask, and literally distills wisdom out of narrative stories from his interviewees.

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I didn’t reach my athletic peak until 43. I didn’t write my first book until 44. I didn’t start my podcast until I was 45. . . . . . At 30, I was certain my life was over. At 52, I now know it’s only just beginning. . . . . . If you feel lost, I’m with you. If you feel stuck, I’ve been there. If you think you’re broken, you’re not. . . . . . It’s never too late. Time has not passed you over. No matter where you find yourself, there is always a path forward. Be patient. Kind to yourself and others. Act in contradiction to fear. Invest in yourself. In time, you will find a spark. No matter how slight, fan it. Build on it. And don’t give up until the dim flame becomes a bonfire. . . . . . I believe in you, even if nobody else does – because the human spirit is boundless. And because higher consciousness is a shared collective, free and always available. ✌🏼🌱 -Rich 📷 @pranalens

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David Bronner, 5th generation in line from a family of chemists, Harvard graduate, 16-year vegan, super cool hippie and “cosmic spiritual being” who went all around and came back to his inherited family cause so he can also “use commerce as a fiscally responsible form of activism”, with soap being the vehicle to deliver his grandfather’s message “We are all one or none.” (that’s why Dr. Bronner soaps are always covered with words of wisdom).

Sustainability is about connectedness. It’s about a holistic perspective of the impact that we have on the soil and the downstream implications of all the decisions we make. It’s not just “organic” or “vegan” or “non-vegan”, we have to broaden that aperture and realize that cascading implications of how all of these things are interrelated in a broader, more holistic way.

– Rich Roll (Podcast with David Bronner)

This is how Rich Roll summarizes David Bronner’s psychedelic experience in Amsterdam which became the revelation for him and subsequently taking up the family brand Dr. Bronner’s, through the sustainability implications of how we raise food and crops for humans on planet earth.

(Having learned to make DIY cold press castile soap myself, I can testify for the honest and sustainable ingredients in a good soap. And I also confirmed a few tricks on making soap after watching this Podcast. 😂)

There are more than a few of Rich Roll Podcasts that have completed transformed my mind with inspirational thought-provoking long conversations, which I often consider to be better than a good book. These long-format interviews are the best way to dive under the superficial talks and interact on a deeper level with great minds and souls:

with Dean and Anne Ornish on lifestyle and well-being

with Nimai Delgado on vegan bodybuilding

with Jimmy Chin and Chai on the making of documentary Free Solo

(also a full podcast with Alex that I watched in awe)