Being an avid follower of the forefront of technology and innovation, Lucy has been curating blogs and creating websites for over a decade. Her professional path is built on her ability to bridge the business world with state-of-the-art digital presentation.

With experience from international agencies and consultancies, Lucy has worked with multiple well-established brands, among which many are luxury names, including Four Seasons, MontBlanc, Maurice Lacroix, to name a few. Throughout the years she founded and led PressPlanner and then later Luce & Co., which both became prominent creative studios helping entrepreneurs and startups envision and design their online and offline presence.

Personally, as a passionate believer of the power of visual art, Lucy has also earned credits in imagery creation. In 2011, She started CityBikr, a photo blog focusing on urban cycling. Her photography work can be seen in magazines, advertisements and TV talk shows. With many friends in the “Mad Men” industry, she has also shamelessly left frequent cameos in various TV/video commercials herself.

Born and raised in Southwest China at the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayan plateau, she had lived in Shanghai for 8 years, Europe for 2 years, and has been living in Singapore for 3 years.

Lucy’s recent endeavour comprises underwater videography after learning to dive in Dec. 2015.

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