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A Wave of Change

Like Leo said in Before The Flood, people usually tune off when you start to talk to them about the environment.

yet whatever you are busy dealing with everyday, whatever you work for, they won’t be there any more if you choose to ignore these messages.

A movie I just watched over the weekend, A Plastic Ocean, tells the story about how plastics decompose in a million year life cycle and in the meantime how they keep disintegrate into smaller pieces until every species have it in their food & blood. It’s just daunting how few people really cares about this issue. Are we really that short sighted?

Not long ago I watching Rob Stewart’s Revolution in Asia Dive Expo. The ocean didn’t really stick in my mind after first viewing (except for the cute baby flamboyant cuttlefishes coming out of their eggs). Instead, an aerial footage of Canada’s ancient forests being eaten up and polluted by the tar sand oil mines stunned me. It looked almost unreal.

Alberta forests eaten up by tar sand mines (Screenshot from Revolution)

Canadian forests being polluted by tar sand washing (Screenshot from Revolution)

I could not believe what I was seen.

Yet there was this 9 year old German kid Felix Finkbeiner who founded a worldwide organization to plant trees and campaigns passionately about it. It hits me: conservation is really just conserving our own species’ future. When we are gone, our children will be the ones questioning “why didn’t you do anything back then?”

Well Rob Stewart did something. And he sacrificed his life doing it.

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