Accidentally Anilao

An accidental macro diving trip in Anilao, Philippines as a result of a last minute cancelled liveaboard trip.

Wide angle shots were mostly around Isla Verde.

Works best with proper sound: stereo/earphones etc.

Wise Humans

So while I was researching diving places I found this photo of the world’s deepest blue hole in South China Sea, and I was shocked that they put a sign directly on the corals, just to claim ownership. (The sign reads: “Blue hole of SanSha city” I made a comment on Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter) saying “Only a ignorant foolish country would put ownership sign onto a beautiful natural wonder.” A few days later I found out that it got 15k views and I was viciously attacked by Continue reading

Wonders of Raja Ampat

This is my first time using an underwater housing. My previously video of Rapa Ampat was purely GoPro…

Got some lovely drone footages over a cute island. Make sure to turn on the best resolution.

Sustainable seafood guide:

R.I.P. Bill

Salute to the master! #BillCunningham #thesartorialist

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One can say that Bill Cunningham is the forefather of “street” fashion and photography. This is the man who inspired me to become a street photographer, and a photographer in general, if there’s anything that’s serious I’ve done.

Bill Cunningham New York

I watched the documentary of him a few years ago and it left me in tears. He will always be an inspiration to the world for his work and selfless dedication.