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R.I.P. Bill

Salute to the master! #BillCunningham #thesartorialist

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One can say that Bill Cunningham is the forefather of “street” fashion and photography. This is the man who inspired me to become a street photographer, and a photographer in general, if there’s anything that’s serious I’ve done.

Bill Cunningham New York

I watched the documentary of him a few years ago and it left me in tears. He will always be an inspiration to the world for his work and selfless dedication.


After 20 hours of two brutal connecting flights from Singapore, I finally got to Vancouver. I can really tell why it is one of the most livable cities in the world. The beauty of a city is always in its water. I saw a seal emerging from the bay in just a 10-minute walk around Stanley Park. For Vancouver, it’s beauty is in the freshness, its bays and hills and it’s unbeatable clear sunset. Continue reading